Certified Professional Financial Accountant (CPFA) Course

The Certified Professional Financial Accountant (CPFA) designation is aimed specifically at students with prior knowledge in the field of accounting. It is suitable for individuals who are seeking a career change or wish to advance their studies in this demanding field. The CPFA course is self-study based and fully accredited by The Institute of Finance & Management, UK (www.ifpmglobal.org). Upon completing the program, candidates can gain direct access to becoming a Certified Finance and Management Professional (CFMP).



1. Bachelor’s Degree in any field OR;
2. A passing score (50%) on the CPFA Examination.
3. A minimum of two years experience in any related accounting area.


a) This program is designed for self-study online. Participants will study independently and take the exam within the following month.
b) Participants will receive an ebook by email from ISMF upon admission. However, if participants join from our Approved Teaching Schools, they may receive a hard copy of the book.
c) Exam Format: The CPFA examination is a three-hour online exam consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions.
d) Pass: Get your hardcopy certificate within 20 days.

Exam Outline

  • Financial Statement Analysis (30%)
  • Budgeting and Forecasting (20%)
  • Performance Management (15%)
  • Management Accounting (25%)
  • COSO Framework (10%)


Please contact our Approved Teaching School in your region.


Course accredited by Institute of Finance and Management UK.
Course accredited by Quality Licence Scheme.
Course accredited by CPD UK.
Self-Paced, No Fixed Schedules.
Course duration 250 hours.
Online exams from anywhere in the world.


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