Executive Diploma in Islamic Banking

About the International Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance

The International Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance is a modern Islamic business school based in the United Arab Emirates. The school is known by its shortened form IIIEF. IIIEF conducts courses online and onsite tailored made according to the organizational requirements. IIIEF offers courses in Islamic finance, Islamic banking, and Islamic economics. IIIEF has partnered with universities and institutions to offer accredited diplomas and degree programs.

About the Course

This excellent online course offered by the International Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance will provide an extensive, detailed, and critical knowledge of the Islamic banking industry. You will gain an understanding of the Islamic banking industry, immediate practical relevance and develop skills and abilities to make professional judgments and informed decisions in work situations.

Course Syllabus

Course content is distributed over a series of modules:

  • The principles of Islamic economics and finance
  • Islamic financial instruments (Contracts and application)
  • Islamic banking products and operations
  • Islamic capital market and instruments
  • Corporate governance of Islamic banks
  • Risk management in Islamic banks


Key Benefits

  • Awarding bodies: IIISEF/GSBE/American International Theism University
  • Animated videos, reading materials, e-books, and case studies weekly live Q & A with instructors
  • Delivered 100% Online
  • Duration 3 – 6 months
  • Students need to cover 60 hours of study material
  • Available to students anywhere in the world


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