Professional Diploma in Strategic Leadership (PDSL)

This program is designed for individuals who want to enrich their knowledge and skills to boost their value in current positions or aspire to advance to supervisory and/or management roles in diverse business and organizational contexts. Moreover, upon completion, graduates will possess versatile capabilities to pursue a range of business careers or further studies. The program encompasses fundamental business skills, effective interpersonal and communication skills, strong decision-making abilities, a deep understanding of ethics and cultural issues, and the ability to excel both independently and as part of a team.

Individuals must successfully complete the Professional Diploma in Strategic Leadership (PDSL) QLS Level 7. This program is delivered through our approved learning center, Brentwood Open Learning College (BOLC). BOLC is a leading online and distance learning platform in the UK, specializing in high-quality online learning and Open College courses.

Course Syllabus

The course consists of the following eight topics:

  1. Markets and Market Segmentations
  2. Consumer Behaviour
  3. Market Research
  4. Marketing PlanningUnderstanding Business
  5. HR Management
  6. Performance Management
  7. Project Management
  8. Business Finance Management

Key Benefits

  • Course accredited by Quality Licence Scheme
  • Full Tutor Support
  • Self-Paced, No Fixed Schedules
  • Course duration 400 hours
  • Available to Students anywhere in the World



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